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Tokmet is a leading manufacturer of Dental Lab Equipment

Tokmet was established in 1989 focusing on scientific research. Since 1990 Tokmet has been manufacturing different computer controlled systems for the dental and medical fields. Our main product is a vacuum porcelain furnace used in Dental Labs in 17 different countries. Tokmet also manufactures Burnout Ovens and Casting Machines. We are dedicated to innovate and improve our products by listening to our customers and researching new way work with ceramics. We also do custom-label products and participate in different joint ventures. Tokmet's prices are one of the lowest in the dental industry and provide exceptional value to our clients.
Our ovens are made to take advantage of almost all materials available on the market. We take great pride in the wide range of ceramics we can use. With Tokmet you are not limited to a specific supplier or brand. Our ovens can be custom programmed to do any work your lab needs.
Dental technicians in 17 countries use our technology. From Burnout Ovens, Porcelain Furnaces, and Induction Casting Machines we can provide great value to your Dental Lab.
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